Wedding Decorations

Some might choose to leave small comments that are meant to be best wishes for the happy couple on their special day, and the bride will ensure that a decorative pen is posted for all guests to use. Wedding Table Decoration can vary with different themes. For Beach Wedding Theme, Wedding Table Decoration will consist of Marzipan Seashells, Sea creatures, Dolphins, Killer whales, Lobsters, Crabs, and Sea urchins in various colors. While decorating the church, you should keep in mind that the church is a place of worship and you should not disturb its atmosphere of purity and sanctity. While planning the church decorations, you should consider the space required for number of guests, who are going to attend the ceremony. There are some fantastic ideas that you can apply for your special day. However, it is not always a good idea to have your wedding table loaded with flowers.

This is especially beautiful if the hall is large and there are many guests. If this is the case and if there will be dancing then setting aside the portion of the room that will be used for dancing by small poles draped either with satin ribbons or garlands of greenery makes a very beautiful scene. This is not only a great decorating idea, but can be saved as a memorial of the happy day. Even themed weddings can be very simple and inexpensive. Some ideas might be a Christmas theme that emphasizes the colors red, white and green. Add beautifully decorated satin tablecloths and some greenery and you have a very, very romantic setting. Thus, for a beach theme couples can choose a waterfront location or create a similar ambience in the hall while an ethnic theme would have all the embellishments from the Far East.

Thus, it is for this reason that couples want their wedding decoration to be chosen with great care. And therefore the choice of flowers and the style of decoration with them needs some innovative thinking for the better decoration of the wedding. And the use of flowers for your wedding table should be such that the table gets a totally different look with them. Again, Tropical Wedding theme will be full of fruits like lemon, pineapple, lime, banana, and papaya. The simple doors of the church can be made more attractive and inviting with vibrant wreaths. A combination of flowers, ribbons and balloons offers an extremely beautiful option. Use of pomander balls makes an attractive addition to the entryway, arch, foyer, or chandelier. Depending on the style of the wedding reception, tables may include: Head Table: This is usually a long table for the bride and groom, their parents, and possibly the bridal party.

You can easily use dark colored napkins with light colored table cloth to give an elegant look to the wedding table. You should always think beyond the center of the table to create a unique impression with your wedding table decorations. Wedding reception decorating ideas As was stated earlier, the budget, the size of the wedding and possible themes all influence wedding reception decorations. Very simple and inexpensive decorations that can be handled by the bride and groom alone as a way of cutting the cost of any wedding are very easy to make. It can be just as simple as getting a few things from a craft store and putting them together; flowers (real or imitation) can be placed in a vase with beautiful colored stones that are preferably the colors chosen for the wedding. Yet another very important thing that adds grandeur to the event is wedding decorations.